A New Property can be a Big InvestmentStephen Bromley Associates Ltd

We will help you make sure you are buying the right property with our structural surveys. These surveys are also beneficial for any existing properties you may own. If there are any structural problems we can arrange for a team of expert builders to fix them.

Home Buyer Reports

Are you purchasing a new property? Here at Stephen Bromley Associates Ltd our team can conduct a home buyer report for you. These reports are essential for any house, flat, office or other commercial building that you might be investing in.

Building Design and Supervision

If you are thinking about creating an extension in your home, or building a new home entirely, our building design and supervision team can help you. We will make regular visits to your site during your building project.

Call us on 01273 453 230 or 01243 379 406 to discuss how we can help you. Alternatively, Email us on: info@stephenbromleyassociates.co.uk